Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday April 30th

IT'S TAX DAY!!!! Don't forget to file your income tax so you can really be depressed at how much money you send to the government!!! I just heard that today is TAX FREEDOM DAY in the US. I don't think we get that here until sometime in July. Anyway, it's game day here in Ottawa and I predict the Sen's are going to kick a little ass tonight :)

News Update
It's game day baby!!!! Sen's vs Devil's Game 3 GO SEN'S GO!!!!!!

7:15AM code: concerts
10:15AM code: contest
4:15PM code: clean
9AM song - Grandpa Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days
12PM song - Rockin' With The Rhythm
4PM song - young Love by the Judds
Mark and Nida People Poll - What is the highest amount of money you have had to pay the tax man or what is the highest amount you have received? (100 pts)

Brother Bob's secret word: Light
Jacki Daniels secret word: Guest

The Bear
7:15 - goaliestick
11:15 - potbelly
Survey code - MCHAPPY

Jack Fm
roll-call: Heather Quinn
community of the day: Westport

Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday April 27th

Well, Well, Well. The Senators win game one 5-4 over the Devils!!!! I said Brodeur would pick up a couple of wins for them but not if he keeps playing like he did in game one. Anyhow, the page is updated and I'm working from home today so I might not be able to keep the page updated as quickly as I would like. *** Sen's 5 Devil's 4 ***

News Update
Blogger Poll Results

Blogger of the Week - Helping1000
Sexiest Blogger - Summer/Cookie (tie) honorable mention doc-j
Flirtiest Blogger - Cookie
Funniest Blogger - Doc-j, honorable mention perky and
Shit desturber of the Week - Mr.Red, honorable mention to Perky!!!

7:15AM code: female
10:15AM code: day
4:15PM code:
9AM song - She's Gettin' There
12PM song - Mission Temple Fireworks Stand
4PM song - Six Days on the Road

Brother Bob's secret word: Slope
Jacki Daniels secret word: Chew

The Bear
7:15 - inxs
11:15 - kidsfund

Jack Fm
roll-call: Richard Pook
community of the day: Sharbot Lake

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thursday April 26th

Well, it's Thursday and I once again got my fix of LOST and Jerico last night!!! It's extremely foggy out this morning, let's hope that it'll be another nice sunny day. And the most important anouncement for the day........IT'S GAME DAY BABY!!!! GO SENS GO!!!!!

News Update
*Salvation Army code donation now works on Y101 site!!!! Special thanks to crylic for letting us know.
*New Survey up - Will the Sen's win and in how many games.

7:15AM code: male
10:15AM code: artist
4:15PM code: garden
9AM song - Smokey Mountain Rain
12PM song - I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World
4PM song - There's No Getting Over Me
Limited Timed Question - Will the Ottawa Senators beat the New Jersey Devils in round two of the NHL playoffs and if yes in how many games?

Brother Bob's secret word: After
Jacki Daniels secret word:

The Bear
7:15 - rockrewardsauction
11:15 - bobdylan

Jack Fm
roll-call: Cindy Landry
community of the day: Almonte

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday April 25th

Well we are half way through the week and it's still beautiful outside. Let's hope we are not wasting all this nice weather before the weekend gets here!!!! We had fun yesterday coming up with Viagra slogans so the Mark and Nida question should be easy today, make sure you come up with some good ones ;)

7:15AM code: Points
10:15AM code: Today
4:15PM code: Plants
9AM song - I've Got It Good
12PM song - I'd Rather Be Lucky
4PM song - Free
Mark and Nida's question: What is the best personal licence plate you have seen or make one up?
New survey for movies.

Brother Bob's secret word: Free
Jacki Daniels secret word: Cash

The Bear
7:15 - cage
11:15 - seethefuture

Jack Fm
roll-call: Rebecca Price
community of the day: Kanata

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday April 24th

Well it was a great night last night!!!! Vancouver won their game and advanced to the next round keeping the chances of an all Canadian final open, and HERO's was awesome!!! Can't wait till next week, except for the stop on Wednesday when I watch LOST and Jericho!!! Also, it's beautiful outside today so you really have to be in a good mood!!!!

7:15AM code: perform
4:15PM code: tractor
9AM song - Till You
12PM song - Bouncin' Back
4PM song - Anything To Rock You

Salvation Army Thrift Store Event Codes Good for Y101, Jack FM, and Oldies 1310:
Alta Vista: givegenerously (2,500pts)
Richmond Road: 9Locations (2,500pts)
Orleans: Fantasticfinds (2,500pts)
Merivale: Thriftstore (2,500pts)
Bells Corners: Donation (2,500pts)
Belfast: Managerschoice (2,500pts)
Carling Avenue: Springfling (2,500pts)
Beacon Hill: DonationBox (2,500pts)
Montreal Rd: Clothing (2,500pts)

Brother Bob's secret word: Run
Jacki Daniels secret word:

The Bear
7:15 - roundtwo
11:15 - samroberts

Jack Fm
roll-call: Wayne Park
community of the day: Spencerville

Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday April 23rd

Well it's the last week of April and it's looking good. Got me some sun on the weekend working on the yard. Hottub is drained and half cleaned, getting ready to setup the pool next weekend, everything is in order for the start of Summer!!!! Now I just have to start cutting grass!!!!!

7:15AM code: NHL
10:15AM code: Country
9AM song - Young
12PM song - You Save Me
4PM song - There Goes My Life
Salvation Army Thrift Store codes 2500 pts each: givegenerously, 9Locations, Fantasticfinds
If you had to turn your tv off this week what show would you miss the most?
New Events: Lallier Honda VIP EventSalvation Army Thrift StoresOsgoode Tire Sales

Brother Bob's secret word: Sense
Jacki Daniels secret word:
Salvation Army Thrift Store codes 2500 pts each: givegenerously, 9Locations, Fantasticfinds
New Events: Lallier Honda VIP Event, Salvation Army Thrift Stores, Osgoode Tire Sales,

The Bear
7:15 - elimination
11:15 - helpingout

Jack Fm
roll-call: Diane Alexander
community of the day: Hallville
Salvation Army Thrift Store codes 2500pts each: givegenerously, 9Locations, Fantasticfinds
New Events: Lallier Honda VIP Event, Salvation Army Thrift Stores, Osgoode Tire Sales

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday April 20th!!!!!

It's Friday and I really don't want to be here today!!!! 22 degrees today, I think any day that the temperature is above 20 degrees and sunny it should be a manditory day off :) By the way, can you all hear that noise??? I believe it's the sound of Sidney Crosby crying his way back to Mario's basement ;)

Opening Soon !May 4th or 11th (weather dependent)

7:15am code: trip
10:15PM code: drive
9AM song - Nashville Bound
12PM song - East Bound and Down
Limited timed question : With great weekend weather what will you do to enjoy it?

Brother Bob's secret word: Tell
Jacki Daniels secret word: Leg

The Bear
7:15 - TGIF
11:15 - leaveearly

Jack Fm
roll-call: Lynda Richardson
community of the day: Kemptville

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thursday April 19th

It's game day baby and the Sen's are on the verge of sending Cry Baby Crosby home for the year!!! Here's hoping somebody gets the opportunity to send Roberts into the boards and end his season as well!!!!

7:15am code: road
4:15PM code: cell
9AM song - Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboy
12:00pm song - Always On My Mind
4:00PM song - On The Road Again

Brother Bob's secret word: Hexagon
Jacki Daniels secret word: Travel

The Bear
7:15 - Redden
11:15 - Atrain

Jack Fm
roll-call: Blair Baker
community of the day: Franktown
bonus code:

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wednesday April 18th

Hey it's finally starting to feel like spring. Can't wait until the weekend.....21 degrees here I come. I have to go out and clean up the BBQ for the weekend!!!!

Bonus codes: sensarmy, bike
9AM song - Rocket Girl
12:00pm song - Forgive Me (For Giving A Damn)

Brother Bob's secret word: Win
Jacki Daniels secret word: Door

The Bear
Bonus code - 7:15 - Nickfrost
11:15 - SimonPegg
music surget bonus word: geddy

Jack Fm
roll-call: Andrea Bird
community of the day: Athens
bonus code:

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday April 17th

Hey there all, it's another Game Day GO SENS GO!!! Can't wait to see Alfie kick a little more ass down there in Pittsburg!!! I can't help but laugh every time I see Crosby whine and cry over a decent call, maybe the little baby should play a little harder and stop crying about the calls. Anyhow, that out of the way, here's what's going on for today's codes:

Bonus codes: ALFIE
9AM song - Get Drunk And Be Somebody
12:00pm song - crash here tonight

Brother Bob's secret word: Every
Jacki Daniels secret word: Day

The Bear
Bonus code - scotiabankplace

Jack Fm
roll-call: Susan McLauchlan
community of the day: Jasper
bonus code:

Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Apparently January not April 16th

What the hell happened. I went to bed last night and it was spring, I woke up this morning and it apparently switched back to winter!!!! I guess if you are a sledder you would be slightly happy about this for oh say one day. Anyhow, sorry for not passing off the website to Crazyness like I planned but my last day was a bit hecktic. Well, here's what's up for today:

Bonus codes: Captain, Run,
9AM song - Head Over Heels
12:00pm song - Western Skies

Brother Bob's secret word: Special
Jacki Daniels secret word: not

The Bear
Bonus code - Puckbunny, roundone

Jack Fm
roll-call: Blaine Broderick
community of the day: Brockville
bonus code: Saturnsky

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Wednesday April 4th

Hey all,

Sorry for the late update but I was actually working today!!!! Not to mention the internet was really slow when I tried to update earlier.

Bonus codes: spezza, fisher,
9AM song - Folsom Prison Blues
12:00pm song - TBA

Brother Bob's secret word: Jot
Jacki Daniels secret word: Car

The Bear
Bonus code - Doublefeature, rose, marshmallow
Question of the day:What song followed the news today at 8:30am?
Answer: Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion

Jack Fm
roll-call: Mark McGregor
community of the day: Toledo
bonus code:

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tuesday April 3rd

Hey there people. Another 3 days until I'm off for a weeks vacation!!!! Well, here's what's going on so far today for codes:

Bonus codes: playoffs, schwinn,
9AM song - Sunshine and Summertime
12:00pm song - TBA

Brother Bob's secret word: knot
Jacki Daniels secret word:

The Bear
Bonus code - Swank

Jack Fm
community of the day:
bonus code:

Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday April 2nd

Well the weekends over and it's raining out so all in all a fitting Monday. Watched WestleMania last night, would have been nice to been there, looked like quite a party!!!

Bonus codes: Sens, spartans, goalie
9AM song - I Feel Lucky
12:00pm song - Oh Lonesome Me

Brother Bob's secret word: Mountain
Jacki Daniels secret word: Campus

The Bear
Bonus code - Rockme, Spin

Jack Fm
roll-call: Paul Barrie
community of the day: Oxford Mills
bonus code: