Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday, September 18th

Bonus songs enter as bonus codes
10-11am - Measure Of A Man
2-3pm - Heartland
5-6pm - Settlin
8AM song - It Can't Happen To Me
12PM song - You'd Better Go
4PM song - I'm Gonna Drive You Out Of My Mind
8PM song - Young at Heart

Brother Bob's secret word: fly

The Bear
7:15 - tuesday
11:15 - newspaper
5:15 - decal
8:15 - darkshadow
Ottawa Sun online code: jada
Ottawa Sun newspaper code: lance
24 hour newspaper code: armstrong

What BON JOVI song played between 3pm and 4pm today?
Answer: Livin' On A Prayer

Jack Fm
roll-call: Jayne Summers
community of the day: North Gower


Mr. Red said...

@ Helping

Have you ever noticed I Love Free Shit and Crazyness always publish around the same time and if one is A.W.O.L. the other is too. Kinda like Superman & Clark Kent, never in the same place at the same time. I've met Crazyness but not I Love Free Shit, have you met either of them? Inquiring minds wanna know!

Helping1000 said...

this is a good one :(

10-11am bonus code song: Measure Of A Man

since we have used this in the past it says:

Type Value Status Time Stamp
-- 0 Previously Played 9/18/2007
Bonus Code 'Measure of a Man' - Previously Played

therefore zero points awarded...

Helping1000 said...

@mr red
they work together :)
i have met crazyness..

Peso said...

12:00 Noon Song

You'd Better Go

Grams said...

2-3 Heartland - But it doesn't work

Blall said...

I entered heartland and got my points. I checked my transaction records and found Measure of a Man was from Sept. 5.

Sent email inquiring about this will let you know what is said.

Blall said...

Measure of a man now appears to be working!

splash15 said...

you can put those bonus songs thru now - Y101 webmaster made changes and they now work - measure of a man and heartland

DeVil said...

thanks blall & splash15!