Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday, November 6th

Bonus songs enter as bonus codes
bonus code: ultimate hits
10-11am - Find Out Who Your Friends Are
2-3pm - Hell Yeah
5-6pm - If You're Reading This
8AM song - Shut Up And Kiss Me
12PM song - Passionate Kisses
4PM song - I Feel Lucky
8PM song - Down At The Twist And Shout

Secret word: wish

The Garlic King Presents 'The King' Trivia:
What time was Elvis born?
Answer: 4:35 am

The Bear
7:15 - halloffame
11:15 - meetings
5:15 - awards
8:15 - lifetime
Ottawa Sun on-line code: farewell
Ottawa Sun newspaper code: tucker
24 hour Newspaper code: solution

Bear/Royal Oak Bonus Code directly from the lips of Scott Lear: Ribfest = 1500pts

What song by TOM PETTY played between 6pm and 7pm?
Answer: Free Fallin'

Bear Music Survey code: fakeit

Bear/Royal Oak Bonus Code: Ribfest (1500pts)

Jack Fm
Roll-call: Jim Reid
Community of the day: North Gower


angel said...

No nansense poll today, instead there will be a bonus code between 3-4pm.

angel said...

2-3pm bonus song: Hell Yeah

angel said...

Bonus code; ultimate hits

angel said...

4pm song: I Feel Lucky

Helping1000 said...

hi angel, thank you :)

Grams said...

5-6 bonus If You're Reading This

Grams said...

8am crash here tonight
10-11 bonus Somebody Like You