Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday, October 20th

8AM song - Be My Baby Tonight
12PM song - Life's A Dance
4PM song - Sold
8PM song - Letters From Home
Word of the Day worth 300 points: drive

New Events
Mike Fair Chevrolet Cadillac (100pts)
Mike Fair Chevrolet Cadillac Bonus Code: Powerful (2500pts) (100pts) Bonus Code: BeAHero (2500pts)
New Survey
Music Survey #23 (200pts)

Oldies 1310
Secret word: Game

Brother Bob's Summertime Looney Toon!:
Guitarzan - Ray Stevens What does Jane yell at Tarzan?
Answer: Shaddup Baby

New Event (100pts) Bonus Code: BeAHero (2,500pts)

The Bear
7:15 - Ghost
11:15 - spirit
5:15 - demon
8:15 - Spooky
Song of the day: AC/DC - Rock N Roll Train

Jack Fm
Roll-call: Linda Mikels
Community of the day: Oxford Mills

Elton John Song (enters you into a draw)
7:10am: I'm Still Standing
4:10am: Rocket Man
New Event (100pts) Bonus Code: BeAHero (2,500pts)


Mr. Red said...

New Events: (100pts)

Mike Fair Chevrolet Cadillac

Visit the new vehicle section of Mike Fair Chevrolet Cadillac's website and find the hidden bonus code, worth 2,500 Country Club points and your chance at $1,000 cash if you're our preselected VIP!

Visit Donate? Volunteer? Adopt? There are many ways to help. Register to be a hero now, and you could win a month supply of Fromm pet food & a $100 Critter Jungle gift card!

Do it for man's best friend... AND get a bonus code worth 2,500 points and your chance at $1,000 if you're a our lucky club member!

Mr. Red said...

Mike Fair Chevrolet Bonus Code: Powerful (2500pts) Bonus Code: BeAHero (2500pts)

Mr. Red said...

Mark & Nida People Poll (100pts)

What is your favorite homemade soup?

Duh...Chicken, of course!!

J.P. said...

Artist of the day: John Michael Montgomery

8am song: Be My Baby Tonight

Good morning Mr. Red, Angel and all, have a GREAT day!

Mr. Red said...

8am Artist/Day: John Michael Montgomery - Be My Baby Tonight

angel said...

Good Morning J.P,, Mr.Red & all :-)

Word of the Day: Drive

Grams said...

Happy Birthday Freddy
Morning all, have a great day

giantpony said...

12pm- Life's A Dance

Grams said...

4pm song - Sold

Mr. Red said...

8pm Artist/Day: John Michael Montgomery - Letters From Home

Little Erky Perky said...

Country Y101:
8 pm song: Letters From Home