Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday, January 13th

8AM song - Except For Monday's
12PM song - What Part Of No
4PM song - I'm Not That Easy To Forget
8PM song - Do You Still Want To Buy Me That Drink
Word of the Day worth 300 points: Ocean
Ottawa Sun Summersplash code: Summersplash156

Oldies 1310
Secret word: Coach

Lincoln Field's Shopping Centre's Double Double
Who was the artist played at 8:15?
Answer: Steve Miller Band

Brother Bob's Summertime Looney Toon!:
In Here Come the Judge- the boy is told...
Answer: Take off that hat

Garlic King's Elvis Trivia
What Branch of the service did Elvis enter in 1958 ?
Answer: The Army

Virgin Radio 106.9
Rock rewards will be taking a break and will return early in 2009

Jack Fm
Community of the day: Pakenham


freddy said...

word of the day - ocean

Mr. Red said...

Mark and Nida People Poll (100pts)

What is the one place in the world you would like to visit?

Mr. Red said...

8am Artist/Day: Lorrie Morgan - Except For Monday's

Grams said...

12pm song - What Part Of No

eve said...

nansense poll up

will you be watching American idol?

eve said...

y101 4 o'clock song is

lorrie morgan
I'm Not That Easy To Forget

J.P. said...

8:00pm song: Do You Still Want To Buy Me That Drink

Have a great evening!