Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday, March 18th

8AM song - What Do Ya Think About That
12PM song - My Town
4PM song - Roll With Me
8PM song - Back When I Knew It All
Word of the Day worth 300 points: Parent

Oldies 1310
Secret word: Drama

Lincoln Field's Shopping Centre's Double Double
Who was the artist played at 8:15?
Answer: Gordon Lightfoot

Brother Bob's Summertime Looney Toon!
Open the door Richard! - Dusty Fletcher - Where is Richard sleeping?
Answer: In the back room

Garlic King's Elvis Trivia
On which day did Elvis & Priscilla marry?
Answer: May 1, 1967

Virgin Radio
Virgin rewards will start in early 2009

Jack Fm
Community of the day: Smith's Falls
Word of the day: Stick


freddy said...

word of the day - parent

Mr. Red said...

Courtesy of the Rogers Blog....

flash29 said...


Mark and Nida People Poll

This is National Cleaning Week.What is the one cleaning job you dislike the most?

Mr. Red said...

8am Artist/Day: Montgomery Gentry - What Do Ya Think About That

angel said...

12pm song: My Town

Grams said...

4pm song - Roll With Me

Grams said...

8pm song - Back When I Knew It All