Friday, April 23, 2010

Artist of The Day: Toby Keith
8am: - God Love Her
Noon: - I Love This Bar
4pm: - You Ain't Much Fun
8pm: - You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This
Word of The Day: TerriClarkTickets

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Oldies 1310
5 @ 5: How?
Secret Word: Movie

Listen To Oldies1310 & Get 100 Points Each Day

Lincoln Field's Shopping Centre's Double Double
Who was the artist played at 7:15?
Answer: Bread

Solid Gold Trivia John Fred & His Playboy Band rocked the world in 1967 /68 with the song Judy In Disguise(with glasses), which is a parody of which Solid Gold Hit?
Answer: Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

Back In The Day Trivia:
How many times on the average do we swallow during dinner?
Answer: 295

Jack Fm
Word of The Day: Spiral
Community of The Day: Spencerville


Mr. E. said...

Mark and Nida People Poll
What do you think about Ontario students learning sex education at the age of six?

--- JACK ---
Word of the Day : Spiral

--- OLDIES ---
Secret Word : Movie

freddy said...

word of the day - terriclarktickets

Mr. E. said...

--- JACK ---
Friday Community : Spencerville

Mr. Red said...

8am Artist/Day Song: God Love Her

Anonymous said...

Good morning,
12 pm Artist of the Day Song: I Love This Bar

Anonymous said...

4 pm Artist of the Day Song - You Ain't Much Fun

Anonymous said...

Bonus Code for a pair of Sens tickets: CARKNER

Enter before 5:30. Winner will be announced at 5:30.

Anonymous said...

Nansense Friday (100 points):

Did you stay up to watch the Sens win last night?

angel said...

8pm song: You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This

Sylvain said...

8PM song: You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This