Saturday, July 23, 2011

Artist of The Month: Kenny Chesney
1am: The Good Stuff
2am: Shift Work
5am: You Save Me
7am: Never Wanted Nothing More
2pm: Live A Little
5pm: Don't Happen Twice
7pm: Beer in Mexico
10pm: Somebody Take Me Home

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Jack Fm
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critic said...

Good morning.

1am Kenny Chesney song: The Good Stuff

2am Kenny Chesney song: Shiftwork

5am Kenny Chesney song: You Save Me

pharmerphil said...

thanks Critic!

critic said...

7am Kenny Chesney song: Never Wanted Nothing More

Trish said...

1310 Club Exclusives: Email
BonusCode: DOG DAYS

Trish said...

Did you hear the news that the London Police have found the body of a 27 yo woman they say is Amy Winehouse.

critic said...

2pm Kenny Chesney song: Live a Little

@Trish Yes.

Trish said...

5pm Kenny Chesney song Don't Happen Twice

critic said...

7pm Kenny Chesney song: Beer In Mexico

Sylvain said...

10pm Kenny Chesney song: Somebody Take Me Home