Saturday, August 06, 2011

Artist of The Month: Keith Urban
1am: Without You
2am: Start A Band
3am: You'll Think Of Me
8am: Everybody
2pm: Only you can Love me This Way
5pm: I'm In
8pm: Where the Blacktop Ends
10pm: Long Hot Summer

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critic said...

Good morning.

1am Keith Urban song: Without You
2am Keith Urban song: Start A Band
3am Keith Urban song: You'll Think Of Me

Mr. Red said...

Courtesy of the RogersRadio Blog....

mumo100 said...

Y101 8 a.m. Keith Urban song - Everybody

Sylvain said...

2pm Keith Urban song: Only You Can Love Me This Way

Sylvain said...

5pm Keith Urban song: I'm In

Sylvain said...

8pm Keith Urban song: Where the Blacktop Ends

critic said...

10pm Keith Urban song: Long Hot Summer