Thursday, November 03, 2011

Artist of The Day: Zac Brown Band
8am: As She's Walking Away
Noon: Knee Deep
4pm: Keep Me In Mind

Word of The Day: Charity

Bonus code in lieu of Nansense : GeorgeAndMartina

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Jack Fm
Word of The Day: Winter
Community of The Day: Blacks Corners

Guaranteed Daily High: 11 degrees
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Insider Update Bonus Code: Clock

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critic said...

Good morning.

Nansense Thursday: Do you have a passport?
-Yes, and it's current!
-Yes, but it needs to be renewed.

critic said...

Word of The Day: Charity

Mr. Red said...

8am Artist/Day Song: As She's Walking Away

critic said...

Jack FM

Word of the Day: Winter
Community of the Day: Blacks Corners

Sylvain said...

4pm song: Keep Me In Mind

reggae said...

1310News Insider Club Update Bonus Code -> clock (500 points)

Sylvain said...

Bonus code in lieu of Nansense: GeorgeandMartina