Friday, December 14, 2012

Artist of The Day: Vince Gill
8am: Let It Snow
Noon: Do You Hear What I Hear
4pm: One Bright Star

Word of The Day: Community

Y101 Listen Live Button(100pts)

Jack Fm 

Word of The Day: 
Jack In The Box Word: Food
Morning Show Bonus Code: 73

Guaranteed Daily High: 3 degrees
Mike Flash! Bonus Code: Food
1310Newsletter Bonus Code: Snowsuit

CHEZ Listen Live Button (100pts)


critic said...

Good morning.

The Pappy People Poll: What is your favourite Board game to play with the family?

critic said...

Word of The Day: Community

Sylvain said...

12pm song: Do You Hear What I Hear

Gilles Bourke said...

JACK codes for Dec 11, 12, 13th - GLOVES, LATTE, HEATPAD

Gilles Bourke said...

Chez live for 100 pts no longer is valid. There is a link for 100 pts daily at Strange but it works. Just tried it.

Gilles Bourke said...

OK I get it now. You have to click on the "listen Live" link which doesn't actually get you to listen to the radio station live, but it does get you to a link where you can enter your alias and password for those daily extra points. Weird but it seems to work. :-)

Sylvain said...

4pm song: One Bright Star

critic said...

Jack FM

Jack In The Box Bonus Code: Food
Morning Show Bonus Code : 73