Thursday, March 07, 2013

Artist of The Day: Luke Bryan
8am: Country Man
Noon: Rain Is A Good Thing
4pm: All My Friends Say

Word of The Day: Charitable

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Jack Fm 

Word of The Day: Brunch
Jack In The Box Word: KansasState
Morning Show Bonus Code: Adam

Guaranteed Daily High: 3 degrees
Mike Flash! Bonus Code: KansasState

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critic said...

Good morning.

The Pappy People Poll: The 10 and 5 dollar bills are being changed to the plastic type like the 20's. Do you like the change to the Plastic bills we now have?
-Really Doesn't matter

critic said...

Word of The Day: Charitable

critic said...

Jack FM

Word of the Day: Brunch
Jack In The Box Bonus Code: KansasState
Morning Show Bonus Code : Adam

Grams said...

noon - Rain Is A Good Thing

Sylvain said...

12pm song: Rain Is A Good Thing

Sylvain said...

4pm song: All My Friends Say

Grams said...

4pm - All my Friends say

Sylvain said...

The 8am song is not I Don't Want This Night To End.

Rae-Lynn said...

country man 8 am

DanceMusic said...

CHEZ106 Motley Crue Song: Home Sweet Home, because other two we tried were wrong.