Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday May 11th

Well, well, well. It's the day after and only one of the teams that played last night are still undefeated this round.....I wonder who that could be???? GO SENS GO!!!! Mike Fisher is the man, I lost count of the big hits he made last night!!!

News Update
Senators win opener on the road 5-2 over Buffalo

7:15AM code: hazard
10:15AM code:
4:15PM code:
8AM song - I'm gonna getcha good
12PM song -
4PM song -

Brother Bob's secret word: Raise
Jacki Daniels secret word: More

The Bear
7:15 - blackparade
11:15 -

Jack Fm
roll-call: Bryon Sweeney

community of the day: Stittsville
May Valpak Code: valpaksavings02


helping1000 said...

10:15am code: forest

Carolyn said...

12 Noon: Love gets me everytime

Whatevillurks said...

12 pm song
love gets me everytime

Doc-J said...

@ free shit
I knew my cheer from yesterday would help motivate the Sens. I'll try it again tomorrow.

blackhawks said...

4 PM Code: Whose bed has your boots been under

blackhawks said...

Y101 FM 4:15 Code: Laugh

blackhawks said...

Survey for 100 points (nansense Friday)

I love free shit..... said...

@ doc-j

Hey there buddy, you did good my friend. I will also be posting the prayer on every game day because you know it can't hurt!!! Plus I will be wearing my Sen's gear :))

blackhawks said...

Y101 FM 8:00 Song: When

cookie said...

Good evening everyone!! :)

Helping1000 said...

Reminder of Event today - Saturday

Stop by Westgate Shopping Centre, 1309 Carling Avenue, this Saturday between 11am and 2pm, for a single use bonus code worth 2,500 points... and if you're our pre-selected $1,000 winner... you could end up with cash! Roy Berger will be attempting to break the world record for fastest man to do 1000 pushups starting at noon!

Sneakypony said...

Kit and Kaboodles code: loveyourmother (2500 pts)