Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday June 12th

It's Tuesday and damn it's hot out!!!! I should not be at work, instead I should be at home in the pool enjoying a nice cold Corona or some BLENDER DRINKS!!!!

7:15AM code: event
10:15AM code: CYCLING
4:15PM code:
Turpin Saturn Saab Bonus: saturnionclearance (2,500pts)
8AM song - Get Drunk And Be Somebody
12PM song -
4PM song -

Brother Bob's secret word: Drop
Jacki Daniels secret word: Place

The Bear
7:15 - exams
11:15 -
4:15 -

Jack Fm
roll-call: Jennifer Cregan
community of the day: Franktown


Hey It's Me said...

4pm Song from the Artist of the day is “A Little Too Late”

Hey It's Me said...

4:15pm Bonus Code “Owl”

IAmListening said...

12pm song - NOT Good to go Mexico. Must be "Crash Here Tonight."

crs said...

thank you for the codes & artist of the day
does anyone know the 12.00 song

crs said...

thank you

Little Erky Perky (AKA Perky Pup) said...

Country Y101:
8:00 PM Song: Good To Go To Mexico

Helping1000 said...


Limited time question : Mark & Nida Poll (100pts)
What special memory do you have about your dad?

Helping1000 said...

7:15am code: party

cookie said...

morning everyone!!

Happy Hump Day!! :))

Hey It's Me said...


Artist of the day is “WILLIE NELSON”
8am song is “Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be A Cowboys”

Hey It's Me said...

10:15am Bonus Code “football"

Y101FAN said...


Little Erky Perky (AKA Perky Pup) said...

Country Y101:
Noon Song: Always on my Mind

Hey It's Me said...

12Noon Song from the Artist of the day is “Always On My Mind”