Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday June 27th

I'm updating from home today!!! I just had my new high speed internet installed!!!!!! This is a historic day for me.....I've been without high speed internet at home for 14 months, I think I'm about to cry!!!!

7:15AM code: lightning
10:15AM code: pug
4:15PM code:
Sparks Street Ribs Thingy Bonus: Sparksribs43, Meat82, Combo43, Streetmall15
8AM song - Sittin' On Top Of THe World
12PM song - Something's Gotta Give
4PM song -

Brother Bob's secret word: Close
Jacki Daniels secret word: Hop

The Bear
7:15 - diehardfour
11:15 - lastdayofschool
4:15 -

Jack Fm
roll-call: Larry Chown
community of the day: Toledo


Little Erky Perky said...

Country Y101:
4:00 PM Artist: One way ticket

Little Erky Perky said...

Country Y101:
4:15 PM Code: Tap

chez's Wild Honey said...

tkx erky perky..

washhh.... its ghostly in here....

wishing ya delicious one
L.erky.P (a.p.p)

Unknown said...

8:00 song

Helping1000 said...


7:15am code: thunder

Mr. Red said...

Mark and Nida People Poll:Whats the best thing about being Canadian? = 100 Points

Helping1000 said...

8am song: My Front Porch Looking In

Hey It's Me said...

4pm Song from the Artist of the day is “What About Now”