Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday July 24th

Well, it's a more familiar look outside today, but the rest of the week is going to be nice!!! However I'm still waiting for my pool to warm up just a little bit more!!!!

7:15AM code:
10:15AM code:
4:15PM code:
Carleton Refrigeration July codes: concerttickets, airconditioning, programmable
CAA North & Eastern Ontario - Member = 500pts, Insurance = 500pts, ERS Online = 500pts, Motorcycles = 500pts, 10 CAA Dollars = 500pts
8AM song -
12PM song -
4PM song -

Brother Bob's secret word:

The Bear
7:15 -
11:15 -
4:15 -

Jack Fm
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Little Erky Perky (AKA Perky Pup) said...

Country Y101:
Mark and Nida Poll:
From this menu, what would be your favourite breakfast?
Bacon and Eggs/cereal/pancakes/

Little Erky Perky (AKA Perky Pup) said...

7:15 am Code: anniversary

Heather said...

8AM Song: "No One Else On Earth"

Helping1000 said...

10:15am code: celebration

SHEILALE said...

song at Noon: "I know where I'm Going"

Carolyn said...
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SHEILALE said...

4 PM Song: Rockin with the Rhythm

Heather said...

anyone get the 4:15 bonus word?

SHEILALE said...

4:15 Bonuse word = CKBY

Anonymous said...

the y101 song for 8 o'clock is

Change the world

Kimbo33 said...

7:15 code - bushtukah