Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday, August 9th

7:15AM code: oxygen
10:15AM code: elective
4:15PM code: bonfire
8AM song - One more last chance
12PM song - Look at us
4PM song - Little left over
8PM song - What you give away

Brother Bob's secret word: Been
Meadows Golf Trivia: Comment Card

The Bear
7:15 - greekfest
11:15 - ouzo
5:15 - souvlaki
8:15 -
Song of the day time: 3pm-4pm
Ottawa Sun online code: pita
Ottawa Sun newspaper code: Zorba
24 hour newspaper code: Baklava

Jack Fm
bonus code: chestoftreasure (1,000pts)
roll-call: Howard Henry
community of the day: Clayton


Helping1000 said...

7:15am code: oxygen

Helping1000 said...

Limited time question: Mark & Nida Poll (100pts)
What is your all time favorite book?

Helping1000 said...

8am song: One more last chance

Helping1000 said...

10:15am code: elective

Helping1000 said...

12pm song: Look at us