Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tuesday, August 7th

7:15AM code: milkbath
10:15AM code: university
4:15PM code: karaoke
8AM song - Want To
12PM song - Baby Girl
4PM song - Settlin'
8PM song - Just Might (Make me believe)

Brother Bob's secret word: Gentle
Meadows Golf Trivia: James Sperinck

The Bear
7:15 - pinkbikini
11:15 - lemonade
5:15 - b52
8:15 - mocktail
Ottawa Sun online code: dinger
Ottawa Sun newspaper code: lager
24 hour newspaper code: sanddune

Jack Fm
roll-call: Rosalie Moffatt
community of the day: Balderson


Helping1000 said...

Limited time question: Mark & Nida Poll (100pts)
It was the halfway point of summer as of yesterday and what has been the highlight of your summer so far?

Helping1000 said...

7:15am code: milkbath

Mr. Red said...

Good morning Helping. :-)

Helping1000 said...

@mr red
good morning :)

8am song: Want To

SHEILALE said...

Missed the 10:15 code again! Can anybody help me out? Thanks

Helping1000 said...

10:15AM code: university

SHEILALE said...

@ helping - thanks

IAmListening said...

Y101 4pm song is :

Helping1000 said...

8pm song: Just Might (Make me believe)