Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday, February 17th

Ottawa Sun Summer Sun Contest Bonus word: summersun859

The Bear
Hourly BONUS CODES for the Family Day Long Weekend!
6am annual
7:15am: committee
8am Beautiful
9am SundayMorning
10am freezingcold
11:15am Daytona
12pm pointcount
1pm verychilly
2pm tillnextyear
3pm toomuchsnow
4pm frozenmoustache
5:15pm fivehundred
6pm busybusy
7pm hurryup
8:15pm nascar
9pm first
10pm goodshow
11pm Newshour
Ottawa Sun online code: MoreMakeUp
Ottawa Sun newspaper code: parishilton

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Helping1000 said...

Morning all :)

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the bear