Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday, August 12th

8AM song - Roll On 18 Wheeler
12PM song - If You're Gonna Play In Texas
4PM song - Can't Keep A Good Man Down
8PM song - Tennessee River
Word of the Day worth 300 points: FanJam08

Oldies 1310
Secret word: Look

Brother Bob's Summertime Looney Toon!:
In Johnny Horton's Battle of New Orleans ..in what year did this adventure take place?
Answer: 1814

Golf Meadows Trivia
Most golfers make their swing:
Answer: Too Difficult

The Bear
7:15 - Enterprise
11:15 - FreeTrade
5:15 - IBM
8:15 - computers
Tropic Thunder Bonus Code: TropicThunder (750pts)

Jack Fm
Roll-call: Jason Vaughn
Community of the day: Pakenham


freddy said...

word of the day - fanjam08

Mr. Red said...

Mark and Nida People Poll (100pts)

This is Elvis week in Memphis.What is your all time favorite Elvis Presley song?

angel said...

Good Morning everyone :)

8am song: Roll On 18 Wheeler

angel said...

12pm song: If You're Gonna Play In Texas

J.P. said...

4pm song: Can't Keep A Good Man Down

Have a GREAT afternoon!

Grams said...

8pm song - Tennessee River