Thursday, September 03, 2009

Artist of The Day: John Michael Montgomery

8am: - Sold (Grundy County Auction)
Noon: - Life's A Dance
4pm: - Be My Baby Tonight
8pm: - I Can Love You Like That
Word of The Day: TerriClark

Oldies 1310
5 @ 5: The Phone
Secret Word: Worth

Lincoln Field's Shopping Centre's Double Double
Who was the artist played at 7:15?
Answer: Tom Middleton

Time Warp Trivia-True North Edition
The Founder of Hakim Optical, Karim Hakim was 9 years old and helped to support his Family by grinding old windows into magnifying glass. What is Hakim's Native Country?
Answer: Iran

Back In The Day Trivia:
Francois Appert devised a method to do this back in 1795?
Answer: Preserve Food in Glass Jars

Jack Fm
Word of The Day: Blubber
Community of The Day: Balderson


freddy said...

word of the day - terriclark

Mr. Red said...

Mark and Nida People Poll

What do you think of the new Landsdowne Live proposal to refurbish Landsdowne Park?

Sylvain said...

8AM song: Sold (Grundy County Auction)

Mr. Red said...

8am Artist/Day Song: Sold (Grundy County Auction)

angel said...

12pm song: Life's A Dance

Sylvain said...

4PM song: Be My Baby Tonight

Sylvain said...

8PM song: I Can Love You Like That

Mr. Red said...

Artist/Day Song: I Can Love You Like That