Monday, November 29, 2010

Artist of The Day: Keith Urban
8am: Put You In A Song
Noon: You'll Think Of Me
4pm: Sweet Thing
8pm: Kiss A Girl
Word of The Day: SomeHearts

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Jack Fm
Word of The Day: Baby
Community of The Day: Brockville

Insider of the Day:Susan Brown
Guaranteed Daily High: 5 degrees


critic said...

Good morning.

Mark and Nida People Poll: Do you shop on line ?
-Yes all the time
-A little Bit
-Not at All

critic said...

Word Of The Day: SomeHearts

critic said...

Jack FM

Word of the Day: baby
Community of the Day: Brockville

Mr. Red said...

1310 News Guaranteed Daily High: 5 degrees

Mr. Red said...

8am Artist/Day: Put You In A Song

critic said...

Noon Artist/Day Song: Keith Urban - You'll Think Of Me

critic said...


Insider of the Day: Susan Brown

Anonymous said...

500 points up for grabs..

Tell them what your all time favorite country song is..

GardinerGirl said...

Today was the day that was going to send out a 2000 bonus code am i right?
Has anyone gotten this email yet?

critic said...

4pm Artist/Day Song: Keith Urban - Sweet Thing

Trish said...

@GardinerGirl, Yes you're right, but I haven't received anything and neither has my partner.

pharmerphil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pharmerphil said...

Neither have I and I just checked my account

critic said...

8pm Artist/Day Song: Keith Urban - Kiss A Girl