Monday, November 15, 2010

Artist of The Day: Sugarland
8am: Everyday America
Noon: All I Wanna Do
4pm: Settlin'
8pm: Somethin' More
Word of The Day: Vancouver
Nansense Bonus Code: LiveOnLocation (100pts)

Listen to Y101 Live Button each day (100pts)

Jack Fm
Word of The Day: Banana
Community of The Day: Forfar

Insider of the Day: Mario Boivin
Guaranteed Daily High: 9 Degrees


critic said...

Good morning.

Mark and Nida People Poll: How old is too old to be driving a car?

critic said...

Word Of The Day: Vancouver

critic said...

Jack FM

Word of the Day: banana

Community of the Day: Forfar

Mr. Red said...

Howdy Peeps :-)

8am Artist/Day Song: Everyday America

Trish said...

Good Morning Everyone....did anyone else have problems with the bonus code Vancouver. I put it in three times and was told it was invalid, then on the forth try it was OK....very weird

Grams said...

noon - All I Wanna Do

GardinerGirl said...

Hey Everyone!
Has anyone noticed that there is no Nansense poll today? I havent heard anything about it not being there, does anyone else no about it or are having these problems also?

critic said...


Mark was off today so Nancy sat in with Nina. Linda Warne is in for Nancy and she usually gives a bonus code for 300 points instead of the survey.

critic said...

Linda's Nansense Bonus Code: LiveOnLocation
for 100 points.

critic said...

4pm Artist/Day Song: Sugarland - Settlin

Anonymous said...

Holmes Heating Bonus Code

critic said...

8pm Artist/Day Song: Sugarland - Somethin' More

critic said...

News1310 Insider of the Day: Mario Boivin