Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday October 13

Your friendly neighborhood Kiss FM Blog site Admin here filling in for the other guy. Have a good day folks. Enjoy that crappy weather that's headed our way.

Ottawa Sun newspaper code: pucks
Ottawa Sun online code: skates
Ottawa Sun bonus code: puckskates

Bonus codes: Noise, Belated, Director, glass, credits
Friday 9am song is "In A Real Love"
Friday 12PM song is "Last Day of My Life"
Friday 4PM song is "Just Another Day in Paradise"

PS - Thanks to the KISS FM Admin AKA Free Stuff is Great for filling in for me today.



Marc said...

12pm song is "Last Day Of My Life"

Perky_Pup said...

4pm - Just another day in Paradise

kittypocket said...

couple more codes: GLASS and CREDITS

kittypocket said...

saturday morning code: MUD

sunshine1001 said...

GX470 bonus code

Perky_Pup said...

Saturday, Ottawa Sun online: plane
paper: snakes
combo: snakesplane

Marc said...

Sunday morning bonus code: possum

Perky_Pup said...

Well Folks, I will be out of commission for a week with this point collecting thingie. My car got smacked around today and gonna use this week to get the damage fix ~$2000. Oh well, have fun this week, folk!!

kittypocket said...

monday morning code: CAMERA

kittypocket said...

also for monday:

maddie25 said...

Bonus codes for Wed Oct 25

Deva, song, symbols and agony.

Rascal Flatts
9:00 am - Bless the broken road
12:00 pm - These days