Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday October 26th

It's almost Friday !!!!!!!!

Sun Paper Code - takeup
Sun Online Code - dictionary
Sun Bonus Code - takeupdictionary

Y101 Codes - entourage, victory, flute, present, sub

9AM song - Deeper than the Holler
12PM song - On The Other Hand
4PM song - TBA
8 PM song - TBA



sunshine1001 said...

9am song...Randy Travis "Deeper than the Holler"

Droop said...

Crap, that Sunshine is Fast!!

jojo said...

2 more bonus code words:

flute, present

Marc441 said...

You gotta get up early to beat the sunshine... although not as early this time of year.

I love free shit..... said...

Although marc441, you'll have to get up an hour earlier starting Sunday to beat the sunshine ;)


jojo said...

12pm song... Randy Travis "On The Other Hand"

krusher said...


korteney said...

No Marshey's code yet?

korteney said...

Three Wooden Crosses

for thr 4:00pm Song

sunshine1001 said...

ha ha...only fast because Im bored at work!!

wcl22 said...

8:00 - mama tried

systemskitty said...

hey guys. couple more codes: