Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesday Oct 3rd

Here we go for another day, by the way keep up the good work systemkitty and marc441.

Sun paper code - blinker
Sun paper code - popcan
Sun bonus code - blinkerpopcan
Y101 codes - empire, family, rodeo, lose, grass, little, story

Artist of the day Garth Brooks -
9am song is Good Ride Cowboy
12PM song is Much too Young
4PM song is The Thunder Rolls
8PM song is Victim of the Game

Just a note, Wil was wrong with his 8PM song guess.....

Don't forget the Lonestar codes worth 1000 points each - fajitas, guacamole, and steak!!!


systemskitty said...

LOSE is another code. :)

Marc441 said...

9am song of the day is "Good Ride Cowboy" by Garth Brooks

Droop said...

12 pm song of the day: Much too Young
(When they post it)

sunshine1001 said...

Did anyone catch the Cpt Sandy cruise bonus codes on sunday morning?

Marc441 said...

4pm song of the day "The Thunder Rolls" by Garth Brooks

Marc441 said...

Bonus code: story

systemskitty said...

hello friends! a couple more codes for today:


wil said...
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george said...

Will, are you sure this is the 8PM song?

george said...

the 8PM is victim of the game!

systemskitty said...

for wednesday, BUCKLE. :)

Marc441 said...

Ottawa Sun newspaper code: soprano
Ottawa Sun online code: poultry
Bonus code: sopranopoultry

systemskitty said...

also for wednesday: LONG

Marc441 said...

9am song of the day is "Here's A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)" by Travis Tritt