Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday June 11th

Well it was a very good weekend with one problem.....IT ENDED!!!! I need to get back to my pool :) Well, here's what's in so far today.....

7:15AM code: celebrate
10:15AM code:
4:15PM code:
Turpin Saturn Saab Bonus: saturnionclearance (2,500pts)
8AM song - Head Over Heels
12PM song -
4PM song -

Brother Bob's secret word: Home
Jacki Daniels secret word:

The Bear
7:15 - mascots
11:15 -
4:15 -

Jack Fm
community of the day:


cookie said...

Good morning everyone!! Have a great day!! :))

Trish said...

Good Morning all
Bonus Code 7:15: celebrate

Blue Rodeo
Song 8am: Head over Heels

Sales & Events: Turpin Saturn Saab; 100 poimts

Bonus: saturnionclearance worth 2500 points

Have a great day everyone.........(-:

Trish said...

Sorry forgot one.....
Presales & Events: Cisco Systems 100 points

Hey It's Me said...

10:15am Bonus Code “Lacrosse”

Hey It's Me said...

12Noon Song from the Artist of the day is “Western Skies”

Y101FAN said...


Helping1000 said...

4:15pm code: crow

IAmListening said...

8pm Y101 song :
Pull me through

Hey It's Me said...

I tried the bonus code "lincolnfields2007" and it works on Y101 for 2,500 points

Mr. Red said...

New in the Y online "store":

$20 Gift certificate to Shouldice Berry Farms for 40,000 points

At wholesale/pick your own farm prices, that's a hell of a lot of berries....

Helping1000 said...


Limited time question : Mark & Nida Poll (200pts)
Should local politicians accept tickets for events from buisnesses that the city deals with?

Helping1000 said...


7:15am code: event

cookie said...

morning all!!

Unknown said...

the 8am song

Get Drunk And Be Somebody

Little Erky Perky said...

Country Y101:
10:15 AM Code: CYCLING (200 PTS)

Hey It's Me said...

GOODMORNING Everyone, hope everyone has a wonderful day

10:15am Bonus Code “Cycling”

Hey It's Me said...

12Noon Song from the Artist of the day is “Crash Here Tonight”