Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday August 28th

Hey all, isn't it great, today's high is going to be 29 degrees and I get to be inside for almost all of it!!! YEAH!!!! What's the reason I don't drink at work again????

7:15AM code: loyalty
10:15AM code: blockbuster
4:15PM code: buttercup
8AM song - Except For Monday
12PM song - I'm Not That Easy To Forget
4PM song - Do You Still Want To Buy Me That Drink
8PM song - Go Away
I Love Free Shit Word Of The Day: jackass (0 pts) :-) Please go to the comments section and let us know how you were able to use the word of the day today!!!

Brother Bob's secret word: Day

The Bear
7:15 - Department
11:15 - music
5:15 - river
8:15 - WeedBed
Ottawa Sun online code: TeenyWeeny
Ottawa Sun newspaper code: FullMoon
24 hour newspaper code: Opera

What Soundgarden song played between 5pm and 6pm today?
Answer: Spoonman

Jack Fm
roll-call: Sue Andre
community of the day: Lanark


I love free shit..... said...

Example usage of word of the day...
Dude at Tim Horton's is giving me a hassle with my order and I say, "Give me my donut JACKASS before I layth the smackdown on your candy ass." I threw the last part in because I watched a movie with the Rock in it the other day!!!

Helping1000 said...

lol... hope the coffee was good :)

Helping1000 said...

10:15am code: blockbuster

I love free shit..... said...


The coffee wasn't bad but the service was terrible. What pisses me off more is the fact that they want to raise min wage to $10 which doesn't help anyone making min wage as the cost of living is going to go up by the same margin. Just mean's less middle class people to pay the bills!!!

Helping1000 said...

i hear ya!!! and i totally agree...

Y101FAN said...

did anyone get the noon song.

DeVil said...

not me & it's not showing on the station's playlist either :(

but you can be sure someone got it and will help us out later ...

helping_Sis said...

12:00pm: I'm Not That Easy To Forget

DeVil said...

thank you helping sis

Y101FAN said...

thank you also helping_sis.

DeVil said...


Nansense Tuesday for 200 pts

"Who do you think should win this season's Canadian Idol?"

NJD said...

4pm song Do you still want to buy me that drink

Y101FAN said...


redman1 said...

@ devil:

Probably some "Jackass"

0 points!

Anonymous said...

ok, as you were

Anonymous said...

the y101 8 o'clock song is
go away

crs said...

dont forget to use the new windsticket code August07 worth 1000points

DeVil said...

@ red

good example usage of today's word!

redman1 said...

Y101 7AM: Daylight

also for 1,000 each:

MAY07, JUNE07, JULY07 as well as previously mentioned AUGUST07

Mr. Red said...

8am Song: Take it Easy