Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday October 16th

Hey there people, last night was one of the few nights I was actually cheering for the Buffalo Sabers!!!! Let's hear it for Bryan McAbe!!!!

Games Until the End of the Leaf's Season: 75

Bonus songs enter as bonus codes
10-11am - Tough
2-3pm - just might make me believe
5-6pm - Never Wanted Nothing More
8AM song - Dirty Girl
12PM song - Girls Lie Too
4PM song - I Wanna Do It All
8PM song - Damn Right (I'm Gonna Miss You)
New Events
Lone Star texas Grill (100pts)
Saturn-Saab (100 pts)
Saturn Saab code: ion (2500 pts)

Secret word: space

The Garlic King Presents 'The King' Trivia:
Of all the movies Elvis starred in ..which was his favourite?
Answer: King Creole

The Bear
7:15 - bottles
11:15 - concert
5:15 - camera
8:15 - flashes
Ottawa Sun on-line code: Ham
Ottawa Sun newspaper code: dazzle
24 hour Newspaper code: Produce
What hour did "Until It Sleeps" by Metallica play today?
Answer: 3pm - 4pm

Jack Fm
Roll-call: Kathy Lusk
Community of the day: Toledo
New Events
Braeside Furniture (100pts)
Rental Village (100pts)
Maggio Flooring & Decorating Centre (100pts)
Osgoode Tire (100pts)


Unknown said...

8am dirty girl

Grams said...

10-11 bonus - tough

Anonymous said...

noon song
girls lie too

Anonymous said...

what hair colour do prefer
nansense poll

Angel said...

2-3pm bonus song: just might make me believe

Anonymous said...

the Y101 song code for 2-3
just might make me believe

Anonymous said...

the y101 4 song is
I Wanna Do It All

Angel said...

5-6pm country song: Never Wanted Nothing More