Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday, October 23rd

Bonus songs enter as bonus codes
10-11am - good directions
2-3pm - One Wing In The Fire
5-6pm - Tough
8AM song - Pocket Of A Clown
12PM song - Fast As You
4PM song - Truckin
8PM song - Little Sister
New Event
Ziebart Vitroplus Auto Glass (100pts)

Secret word: Stadium

The Garlic King Presents 'The King' Trivia:
In which movie did Elvis play two characters?
Answer: Kissin' Cousins

The Bear
7:15 - call
11:15 - remote
5:15 - done
8:15 - shop
Song of the day Played at: 4pm-5pm
Ottawa Sun on-line code: savoury
Ottawa Sun newspaper code: blush
24 hour Newspaper code: applesauce

Jack Fm
Roll-call: John Buffam
Community of the day: Clayton


angel said...

10-11am bonus song: good directions

Grams said...

10-11 bonus Good Directions
Having problems with signing onto Y101 again, so I cannot verify this.

angel said...

I had problems last night at Y101 but today I'm ok and I tried good directions and it works :)

Grams said...

2-3 bonus One Wing In The Fire

angel said...

4pm song: Truckin'
5-6pm bonus song: tough

Grams said...

8pm Little Sister

mansel said...

y101.5 fm 8pm song-little sister

Petal48 said...

Wed: Song at 8 was: WILD ANGELS

Grams said...

10-11 bonus Nothing On But The Radio