Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday October 9th

Well, it was a good weekend but seriously, 3 days just aren't enough. The more I get the more I want!!! Hey, the Sen's won yesterday...not their best game but good enough to put them at 4-0 baby!!! I'm in the box this Thursday, can't wait for the free beer!!!!

The SEN'S 4 the Devil's 2...... :))

Games until the end of the Leaf's season: 79

Bonus songs enter as bonus codes
10-11am - Startin' With Me
2-3pm - You'll Think Of Me
5-6pm - If You're Reading This
8AM song - She's In Love With The Boy
12PM song - XXX's AND OOO's
4PM song - Perfect Love
8PM song - Just A Cup Of Coffee

Revlon and much more warehouse sales event bonus code: GreatDeals (2500pts)

Brother Bob's secret word: First

The Garlic King Presents 'The King' Trivia:
In April 1962 Elvis was busy working on which film?
Answer: Girls Girls Girls

The Bear
7:15am: Turkeysandwich
11:15am: waxedpaper
5:15pm: ziplock
8:15pm: mayonnaise

Ottawa Sun on-line code: morepie
24 hour newspaper code: spice
Ottawa Sun newspaper: leftovers

Jack Fm
Roll-call: Amber Couturier
Community of the day: Athens


Y101FAN said...

8:00 a.m. artist of the day -
She's In Love With The Boy

Y101FAN said...

10 - 11 bonus song - Startin' With Me

Anonymous said...

the y101 noon song is

angel said...

2-3pm country song: you'll think of me

Anonymous said...

the y101 2-3 song code is

you'll think of me

Anonymous said...

the y101 4 o'clock song is
perfect love

angel said...

5-6pm country song: if you're reading this

WooHoo said...

I have to say, I watched the Leaf game last night vs Carolina. Why would the leafs sign a new goalie, Jason Blake and extend Sundin's contract when they are in dire need of defense. Sorry leaf fans, you are in for a long season that will be cut short in early April.

Anonymous said...

y101 code song for 2-3

Lucky Man